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FOLSOM, LOUISIANA-- One very talented lady has a knack for making pies... although not in the traditional sense.  Ashley Newman is a genius at baking up latex horror props.  Her specialty are her "people pot pies."

"We kind of like doing a haunted yard every year and i had a chop shop baker and i had just watched Sweeney Todd and I'm like, I need a pie a people pie to go in there," said Newman with a gleeful grin.

Recently her pies have become a hot commodity on her etsy page named It Came from Under My Bed.

Newman says "an insane amount of people have been interested in the pies. It's been fantastic. There is a lot of this is awesome, perfect for halloween and this is horrible. What kind of person would do this. It was both of those."

Now she not only dishes out the worst pies in London but also in the macabre scene of October in New Orleans, Louisiana.

She professes to not be an expert baker of the edible type of pies.  However she loves to eat blackberry, cherry and other tart fruits, but has a soft spot for the king of season, pumpkin pie.

Her selection of latex pies come in variations that include original people pot pie flavor, a rotted out version with maggot infusion, split tongue, one for the clown lovers in the house and a delightful cherry.

Her inspiration comes from her love of haunted houses and scary movies, but also she's a bit of a history buff when it come sto researching Louisiana's serial killers.

She is not without fear.  Her downfall is a keen awareness of heights.

"I won't fly at all. I will not fly. My family lives in Washington state and i have to take these road trips to go visit them, says Ashley Newman."

Despite a twisted face grimacing in a crust of latex, Ashley is a sweet lady with even sweeter pies.




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