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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA-- New Orleans can be a pretty scary place.  Perhaps it always has been...  Our friends at the Historic New Orleans Collection want to show you all the ghastly details of true sinister events in their special halloween history tour for tomorrow.

It's a chilling opportunity entitled "Danse Macabre: The Nightmare of History."

Melinda Blevins, the visitor service interpretational assistant says, "I can not imagine living here a hundred years ago with the smells that you'd have in the streets. There's death around every corner here throughout the history."

They offer several stories including a bloody taste of such occurrences as when an axeman of New Orleans was believed to be killing people in bed who were not playing jazz music.

"The axeman is taking the axe out of their backyard off their own woodpile, going into the head and hitting them in the bed and killing them sometimes. There were 13 maybe 14 hits," says Blevins.

if death by axe is too messy for you--how about a tale of dueling with pistols.

They also introduce to little known stories such as Lewis Congo, a free man of color who was bestowed the job title of colony executioner.

"The most gory death is the breaking on the wheel, where they lash you on the wheel and he uses a club to beat you, breaking your bones. If you gives you the coup de grâce, the last blow of grace that kills you, you are not left there to suffer for days," says Blevins.

The best or creepiest angle is that there all of researched events are true; making it a hauntingly historical terror of strolling through New Orleans' past.

Melinda Blevins says, "If you kept track of where all the bodies were, you'd be stumbling on them, if we hadn't moved them out of the way."

The tour will run Halloween day at 11 am.
To reserve your spot you can either call the Historic New Orleans Collection or reserve a spot online.



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