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Some hats are worn for function. Some hats are worn for fashion. But the hats in the window at Fleur de Paris in the French Quarter are not hats at all… Not this weekend. This is the season we celebrate the glorious rebirth of the Easter bonnet. The romance. The pageantry. The Easter bonnet is a trend that transcends time. Store owner Joseph Parrino agrees, “We’ve been asked to tone them down, but we like to spice up the Easter hats here; ribbons, feathers, flowers… the wilder the better.”


At Fleur de Paris, the largest custom millinery in the country, each bonnet is a hand-crafted piece of art: a celestial crown, adorned with décor ascending to the heavens.

Easter bonnets are all about “hatitude!” The bigger the better and blessed be the fair lady whose bonnet has the widest brim.


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