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NEW ORLEANS –  The book he reads. That’s the book he wrote.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood notices the cover of the book.

It plainly says, A Bear With Pants.

That’s the title all right. That what it looks like it should be about.

A bear.

With pants.

But when the guy who reads between the lines he wrote, it’s really a book about bullying.

This guy who wrote the book about a bear that’s really a book about bullying, his name is Adam Warren.

Adam’s been an actor.  He’s been a movie maker.  He’s a dad.  And now for the first time ever,  Adam is now an author.

He knows about bullying first hand because when Adam Warren was a kid, he got his teeth knocked out by a bully.

Adam Warren survived his situation.  His bullying. He survived it to write about it.

And now he’s in New Orleans reading his book at New Orleans Einstein Sherwood Forest School.

He’s reading to third graders.

He’s reading, in fact to the entire third grade class.

The kids have filled up the library to hear the story of  A Bear With Pants.

Some of these kids talk about times when they’ve been bullied.

Some of these kids even admit that they have actually been a bully.

But they’re all working together to work it out.

People are people.  That’s the moral of the story.

Even when the person is A Bear With Pants.

If you want your own copy of the  book, all you have to do is click right here.

You can also find it at Amazon,, Apple  iBooks and Google Play.