3 Mardi Gras parade horses still need adoption, 17 adopted so far

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New Orleans – The Humane Society of Louisiana just completed its fourth annual Mardi Gras Parade Horse Adoption Program and successfully adopted 17 horses to great homes.

Three additional horses have been moved to a local stable until permanent homes can be found for them as well.

The Humane Society partnered with Cascade Stables four seasons ago to ensure that all horses used during the parades would be adopted to suitable homes.

Since the need for horses increases during the Carnival season, Cascade Stables, which provides horses for carnival krewes, purchases about 20 additional horses from a nearby horse broker.

In years past, if the horses were not immediately adopted out, they would be resold to the broker and face an uncertain future that could include being resold at auction for slaughter. 

To increase the odds of all horses being adopted, the Humane Society established a formal adoption program for all parade horses, and they’ve become popular topics of interest on social media.

The Humane Society’s page on Facebook called the Humane Society of Louisiana’s Mardi Gras Parade Horse Adoption Program, lists all the available horses and includes their photos, a biography, and adoption fees.

The page can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/mardigrashorses2017/

The three remaining horses needing new homes are Maple, Grits, and Honey.

Their pictures are below and are provided by Rachel Goyette, a professional pet photographer and owner of Rachel Ruth Photography.

Their photos can be viewed online and adoption applications can be processed by visiting the Humane Society’s page on Facebook.

Honey and Grits are Quarter Horses and Maple is a Thoroughbred Type.

All adoption fees are listed online.

The Humane Society has facilitated the adoptions of more than 70 parade horses over the last four Carnival seasons.


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