25 Reasons You Need ShipRocked in Your Life, From a Rock-Loving 25-Year-Old

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NEW ORLEANS – ShipRocked is the most rad cruise you never knew you needed. It’s floating out of New Orleans in February.

Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m a lover of all things rock. It might not be immediately clear when you see me in my Test Kitchen Taylor segments, but I rock. And I rock hard! So I’m here to explain why you need to join the waiting list for ShipRocked tickets, like, yesterday.

1. Have you seen the lineup? Halestorm, Alter Bridge, Asking Alexandria and so many more.

I could literally name each band individually as all of the reasons, but I feel like that might be cheating.

2. Location, location, location

New Orleans, to Key West To Cozumel. Man, if I could design the perfect cruise, these destinations would for sure be on the list.

3. Pre-Party Gras Parade

Party it up NOLA style, the night before the cruise!

4. The Cozumel Beach Excursion

With the motto: Rock Hard and Vacation Harder, you can’t expect anything less than this amazing excursion. Head to a Cozumel Beach to enjoy tunes from Hyro The Hero and Joyous Wolf a lunch buffet and an open bar!

5.  Artist Q & A

Meet your favorite artists aboard the ship and get insights, secrets and road tales during this intimate Q&A session.

6. Beach Wars

Four Captains will select their teams at random a the beach excursion, and the winners get beach bragging rights the rest of the cruise. Also, beer.

7. Win Cash at the Casino

Calling high rollers and slot slingers! Take some of that Black Magic mojo to the casino and roll the dice for Saint Expedite for beaucoup cash during the Slots and Blackjack Tournaments.

8. Beers, Bloody Marys & BINGO

Remember, what happens at Bingo, stays at Bingo!

9. Give Back at the Charity Auction

They’ll have an amazing assortment of music memorabilia from our performers and a bunch of other cool stuff up for bids during the very lively charity auction, benefiting Cancer Sucks!

10. Drunk Spelling Bee

Relive your 6th Grade Glory but as an adult –with shots! Have a few or 20 drinks, and try to spell redikulus words without cheating.

11. Flip Cup Tourney

You flip, I flip, we all flip! A relay drinking game testing dexterity, timing, and endurance. Also, beer, solo cups, and flippers.

12. Kill it at Karaoke

Hey, maybe they’ll let you in one of the bands!

13. Play the Newlyband Game

New(ish) bands will face off with a series of revealing questions to determine how well they really know each other and find out who makes “whoopee” in the back of the van!

14. The Quest, but make it dirty

Taking the beloved childhood game of a scavenger hunt and spinning into an Adults only R-rated after-hours team event? Oh yes ShipRocked, we GET you.

15. Theme Nights

On ShipRocked, we go all out. So our theme nights are pretty metal. Whether you’re decked out in gold from head to toe on “Go For The Gold” night or wearing a fanny pack to be a tacky tourist, you’re going to have a ton fun.

16. Get Inked (and not by a squid)

Looking to memorialize your ShipRocked experience in permanent ink? Acclaimed tattoo artist Southbay Mike and his ink master friends will be on board to customize some stunning world-class pieces for you during the cruise!

17. The Ship is Unreal

The Carnival Valor features multiple gourmet dining options, 22 bars and lounges, a tranquil spa, casino, fitness center, mini-golf, wet and wild waterslide, and multiple pools and hot-tubs!

18. Wild Waterslide

You can be sure that your vacation comes complete with twists, turns, and squeals of thrilled delight when you go for a slippery ride on the waterslide!

19. Get Painted

Paint me like one of your French girls! Manny of KAOS Ink will be on board to paint faces and bodies to take your ShipRocked attire up a notch!

20. Midnight Movie: Heavy Metal

Rotten Tomatoes calls it sexist, juvenile and dated. We call it… Heavy! Metal! Take a ride, ride, ride and watch this1981 sci-fi cult classic!

21. A Whole Store of CANDY

It’s called Cherry On Top and it’s sweet! You’ll find this well-stocked candy-and-more-store great for enjoying some of your confectionery favorites.

22. Five Stages

From more intimate venues to a huge theatre, this ship has the perfect stage for every performance!

23. Make New Rockin’ Friends

The performances, the ship, the activities are all amazing, but one of the coolest parts about ShipRocked is being surrounded by people who share the same passion for rock music as you.

24. Room Service Available 24-hours

Yeah, I know you’re not going to want to stay in your room at all on this cruise, but if you do? The room service menu is top-notch.

25. So you can ROCK OUT!

Taking your rocking (and your vacationing) up a notch. Rock hard, vacation harder. It’s the perfect motto for this killer cruise. Can’t wait to see you there.


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