BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (WGNO) — A project to refurbish a waterway lock system built for the NASA Stennis Space Center in Bay St. Louis wrapped up on Thursday, Aug. 3.

NASA officials said the project started in November 2022 when crews began refurbishing the structural steel and removing miter gates. A temporary stop log was then put in place.

They said the stop log was used to help keep the water level in the canal system constant while the project took place.

Crews then began to remove the miter gates so they could be fully inspected. NASA officials said the removal of the gates made this project a “first of its kind” for the waterway lock system.

NASA officials said the refurbishment project took seven months to complete, with the final gate being placed on the structure on July 27.

A final test of the system was completed on Aug. 3, marking the end of the project.

They said the structure was built in the 60s and provides site access for equipment test articles that can’t be transported by land. They also said the Stennis lock system played a role in delivering flight equipment during the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs.

NASA officials said the lock system also assisted in transporting space launch system testing items for NASA’s Artemis missions.

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