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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Evaline Finley Gomila, who prefers to go by “Evie”, has been bestowed one of the highest honors of Mardi Gras – Queen of Carnival.

The University of Virginia computer science major says “I am so excited for Mardi Gras this year.”

Her excitement is evident at the Gomila home. Evie found out she would be queen with a surprise announcement from her father on a horseback riding trip.

“When I turned around he was holding his Rex’s lieutenant’s crop with the purple, green, and gold ribbon and a gold crown tied to it. I just think I sort of stared there blankly for a few minutes until finally he yelled out ‘you are going to be the Queen of Carnival.’ I was just so thrilled and shocked I didn’t really know what to do.”

Evie is a former volleyball captain and lifelong fan of the Saints and Pelicans. She even served an internship with the organization, an opportunity she really appreciated.

“To get to see all the handwork that people working at the Saints and Pelicans are putting in to make these organizations so successful was really just an eye-opening and amazing experience.”

The Gomila family is well represented in Rex, as Evie mentioned her father is a long-time lieutenant and her brothers served as Page and Duke in the Rex court. But the service of the organization is something that Evie looks forward to getting involved in.

“I also loved the opportunity to learn to so much about the program ‘Pro Bono Publico’ foundation and I look forward to joining the group of former queens that do so much for the organization and giving back to the city.”

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