NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— For the 30th anniversary of Krewe of Orpheus, it will be ‘A Boy Band Mardi Gras’ with members of NSYNC, 98 Degrees, O-Town, and All-4-One who will be performing at the Orpheuscapade and taking part in the parade rolling on Lundi Gras.

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez spoke with boy band members Joey Fatone of NSYNC and Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees who are ready to let the good times roll!

For 30 years musician Harry Connick Jr. and the Krewe of Orpheus have made Lundi Gras feel magical and one of the reasons it is so magical is the music. This year is no exception with NSYNC’s Joey Fatone and 98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons taking part in the party.

“Obviously they approached me about being a monarch and performing as well, so I’ll be on a float and then performing. It is actually going to be 90’s party if you will,” Fatone said.

“My wife is from Shreveport, Louisiana so I have a little bit of background on it, but I really didn’t really have a full grasp on it until we were asked to do the gig and I know about the parade and the extravaganza, and the things have an incredible history, and we are very proud to be a part of it,” Timmons said.

For these guys who are boy band royalty… when in New Orleans…

“I just love the culture down there. Of course the food. I am going to try not to eat too much of it because I am trying to stay skinny in my old age, but I find myself giving into it and enjoying the spoils that are down there,” Timmons said.

“I’ve been to New Orleans many times and performed there many times with NSYNC, but never got a chance to do Mardi Gras this will be interesting. I’m happy because I’m an adult now and I think its a lot better that I’m older maybe,” Fatone said.

Joey remembers a time he spent a little time at world-famous Pat O’s.

“What happened was anytime somebody came up to us and asked do you mind if we take a picture, we went ok, that will be 5 hurricanes,” he said.

While Joey’s cooling down at Pat O’s after Orpheus, Jeff’s bringing the heat.

“Are you a Tabasco guy or a Crystal guy?”

“Crystal is a brand I really, really like,” he said.

And he’ll possibly be marking the moment like any boy bander should.

“There’s still some real estate left on my body for more tattoos. What better place than Mardi Gras New Orleans to signify moments in your life that are important,” he said.

“I can sing for beads, I can do that,” Fatone said.

We’re betting it will be hard for these talented guys to say ‘bye bye bye’ to New Orleans.

Both Joey Fatone and Actor Darren Criss from the hit TV show, “Glee” will serve as celebrity monarchs in the parade. The various boy band performers from NSYNC, 98 Degrees, All-4-One, and O-Town will be performing at Orpheuscapade at the Ernest Morial Convention Center on Lundi Gras.