NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— krewedelusion is a walking krewe that typically rolls right after Krewe du Vieux, but this year the city is saying they must roll the following day.

The problem for krewedelusion is they were told they must move to a Sunday night instead of Saturday night, and the only answer they get from the City of New Orleans as to why is “public safety and logistics.”

Mayor LaToya Cantrell didn’t have an answer when asked why krewedelusion which typically rolls right after Krewe du Vieux won’t be doing so this year.

“krewedelusion, I don’t know. My focus hasn’t been on the one by one,” Mayor Cantrell said.

Mayor Cantrell announced all krewes would return to their regular routes with help from the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office providing security with deputies from around the state.

“We are returning to traditional routes where we can,” Mayor Cantrell said.

krewedelusion says their route is still uncertain and they are not happy about the change in their parade day. They say they got the necessary permits, but are now also questioning as to why the City put a price tag on them which is three times more than last year. All walking krewes must pay for their own security, so representatives from krewedelusion say they reached out to the Sheriff’s Office and they were willing to help, but then the NOPD told the krewe that for “public safety and logistics” reasons the parade changes will most likely be permanent.

For many parade-goers they don’t understand the need for the change when there is already a parade rolling right before.

“Well I think it is discriminatory that they won’t be able to run on their day that they are used to, and I think ultimately it will have a toll on those people who attend those parades on that route,” Yolanda Decou, a Parade-Goer said.

krewedelusion has 200 members, 6 floats, 3 bands, and they parade for about 30 blocks. They need about 55 officers.

The City of New Orleans says they told the krewe in 2022 that they would have to change their parade day citing security concerns.