NEW ORLEANS– Even though there weren’t any Mardi Gras parades on Mardi Gras Day rolling down St. Charles Avenue— there were a few die hards who still went to the spot where they typically watch the parades and they celebrated in their own way.

“It is in your blood. You can’t miss Mardi Gras. You can’t stay home,” Marsha Robert said.

Robert has been watching parades on St. Charles Avenue since 1972. She said the Mardi Gras spirit is still alive despite no beads, no bands, and no parades.

“It is like saying you don’t show up for Christmas, you have to be out here,” she said.

Even on a cold day, they’re still out here partying.

“I’m visiting from Denver, Colorado and it might be warmer there,” Tim Gaudette said.

As for Peter Finney and his loved ones, they are warming hearts and spreading cheer.

“We decided to dress up as chicken chasers from Eunice or Mamou. We’re passing out toy chickens, and no chickens have been harmed in the making of these Mardi Gras costumes,” Finney said.

For these folks being out here is sending a powerful message.

“We’re still here. We can laugh. We can celebrate. We’re New Orleanians,” Finney said.