Remarkable Women 2023

No parades, no marching bands, and no dance squads, but Megan Boudreaux, KoHF Founder, hopes everyone will still parade from home.

“I know a lot of folks are sad and disappointed that Mardi Gras cannot be normal this year, but I am hoping that Krewe of House Floats can be a way for folks to channel their creative energy, make something positive out of a bad situation, and have something to look forward to in 2021.

This is really about coming up with creative ways to celebrate carnival that keep everyone safe until we can get through to the other side of this pandemic.”

Not going to make it out to see them in person? No worries!

WGNO has been gathering pictures of all the amazing House Floats.

See below!

Also in full swing, our 2021 Mardi Paws Celebration!

Animal lovers and Carnival fanatics get their pets into the spirit of the Season.

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