Bacchus announces new app and parade will still roll

Mardi Gras 2021

NEW ORLEANS – Instead of “Throw me something,” the Bacchus parade says “Show me something.”

This year, the parade is going virtual because of the pandemic. Although the parade will not be on the streets and the floats will remain empty, Bacchus Sunday will continue.

Clark Brennan, Captain of Bacchus said, “We’re going to take images and have a parade virtually. We will have bands playing music.”

On Monday, the krewe announced the new “Throw Me Something Bacchus!” app.

The krewe says every Sunday through Carnival season will be Bacchus sunday. App users will be able to catch and collect virtual throws and interact with members.

Bacchus board member George Schaiffino said, “Some of your throws you catch, we now have your email address and we can contact you . Some of the throws you’ll be able to come here for curbside pickup and pick up your throws.”

Each float will also have GPS tracking. You’ll have the ability to find your friends and where they’re riding.

“We’re going to fill a new niche that we’re hoping to create in addition to the regular parade that happens during carnival season,” said app developer Jason Devillier. “The pandemic opened it up faster than we expected.”

Bacchus hopes the whole family joins the Carnival excitement.

“As Bacchus has always done, we will stay on the forefront to adapt, change and to move forward,” Brennan said.

The app is still in the works and will be released in January. The krewe thinks this will be the best way for people worldwide to still take in the New Orleans Mardi Gras experience.


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