Zulu King and Queen Visit WGNO

Mardi Gras 2020

NEW ORLEANS – This year’s king for the Krewe of Zulu is long-time member Brian Sims. As is tradition the king chooses his queen and she is Dr. Chanda Macias.

They stopped by to chat with WGNO’s LBJ about their exciting weekend reign.

LBJ: Brian, this is a like a dream come true?
BS: “The first interview I had I said after 24 years it is.”
LBJ: That’s amazing and it’s always good to see longtime Zulu members who’ve been there who’ve probably done every job. What was your first job at Zulu?
BS: “I’ve done the picnic man, they put you out in the heat first, and break you in and then you get the cushy jobs of helping out at the ball. But I’ve been a part of the picnic committee since I’ve been in this organization.”

LBJ: Queen is the beauty and putting this whole thing together of what you’ll wear and what this going to look like. How was that process for you.
Dr. Macias: “It was interesting, it was about a culmination of our looks together but more importantly I think that we focused on our platform. So we did a lot of community service events. We did toys for tots, we had our baskets, we went to a lot of schools and helped with the children, encouraging them to go into different careers and so even though I love the clothes I think the message was bigger for me.”

LBJ: It’s gonna be fantastic Queen, but I can’t let you leave without you telling the world how many Zulu coconuts you’ve prepared for the world.
Dr. Macias: “So I got really excited and I did a thousand coconuts but there’s some that are limited edition so there’s different sets of them so come out and see what beautiful coconuts that I have.”
LBJ I understand you have an entire extra float that you have to just to carry your coconuts .
Dr. Macias: “And I’m excited about that!”
LBJ: We’re excited for you guys congratulations can’t wait to see you.

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