First Look at Mardi Gras Indian’s new suit

Mardi Gras 2020
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NEW ORLEANS-- The Mardi Gras Indian tradition continues tomorrow with the beautiful feathers and colorful beading of the indian suits.

Today we got the rare opportunity to see the new suit of local attorney Dow Edwards before he hits the streets as the spy boy of the Westbank Mohawk Hunters Gang.

Here is what Edwards told us, "I originally thought about making a suit for the emancipated freedom, showing the freedom breaking away from slavery. But I said before I can do the emancipation suit,I've got to do the taking suit, right? So last year I did the taking suit but before I could do the taking suit I had to do the greatness of Africa. That was the Shango suit, showing how great we were before we were taken. One of the misconceptions about freedom is that freedom was given to us. No freedom wasn't given to us. Some people had revolts. This is a depiction of the 1811 Louisiana Slave revolt with Charles Deslondes leading the revolt"

Spy Boy Dow Edwards of the Westbank Mohawk Hunters Indian Gang (WGNO-TV)

Putting the beautiful costumes together takes time, talent, and resources. As for how he designs Edwards said, "Anything can inspire me. I see some colors and the go together and I think that's what I want. Or I'll put something together and it doesn't quite work out and I go back to the drawing board."

"This right here is a very meticulous process of laying each bead down and then sewing it down with thread. My father was a shoemaker and we dealt with leather in all respects, so most of my suits have been done with leather and exotic skins. This is a crocodile skin," said Edwards

The spy boy even gave us an original chant, "I walked on the water, I swim through the mud, I had to cross the Nile to slay this crocodile. I'm spy boy Dow and that's just my style"

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