Lawmakers call on Governor Edwards to lift COVID-19 restrictions

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NEW ORLEANS – 33 Louisiana lawmakers are calling on Governor John Bel Edwards to reopen businesses 100% and to get rid of the mask mandate.

On Thursday, the group sent a letter to the Governor.

A spokesperson for Edwards said he has not read it. He is holding firm that while the state has eased restrictions, some are still needed.

In a video posted on Facebook, State Representative Rick Edmonds of East Baton Rouge said, “Re-open to 100%. Remove the mask mandate and lets get back to Louisiana being Louisiana first.”

Edmonds said he does not want Louisiana to be last on another list. He believes businesses and communities are capable of setting capacities.

“We salute Texas and Mississippi,” Edmonds said. “Alabama is moving, Florida has already moved. It’s time to put Louisiana back to work.”

Parlay’s Bar in Lakeview has been through it all; Hurricane Katrina, a fire and pandemic closures.

“It’s a very interesting situation we’re in now,” said Parlay’s manager Christopher Smith. “Opening up now, having limited capacity, face masks, social distancing and abiding by all the rules. It’s been a lot tougher, but everybody has been great about it.”

We asked Smith if the state should join others and lift restrictions.

“The great thing about it is that it’s not my responsibility,” Smith said. “So, I would like to see better laws, but it’s neither here nor there. I just want people to be safe.”

In his letter to the Governor, Representative Edmonds said if the state works together, Louisiana will be healthy and safe.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Governor Edwards said, “Gov. Edwards hasn’t read the letter, but he has consistently relied on recommendations from the CDC, LDH and other medical experts- none of whom have recommended removing the mask mandate.”

Click here to read the letter and see the list of people who signed it.


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