LA Tech offers hurricane relief assistance to students

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RUSTON, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– In just a short time span, Louisiana Tech University has been hit by a tornado, a pandemic, and now a hurricane.

“These crises have offered us the opportunity to show tangible behaviors and living out our beliefs, our culture,” Tonya Oaks Smith with Louisiana Tech University said.

University leaders said their sponsers have continued to support them through it all. That’s why the school is now able to offer relief funds to students who have been affected by Hurricane Laura.

“If they need a new laptop, or books, or whatever the case may be, just to let them know that their Tech family is really supporting them during this time,” Maddie Patton, Advancement Coordinator, said.

Students also have the option to move into their dorms early. Smith said they have about 25 students who’ve decided to move in before the move-in date. Leaders said they anticipate that number to triple by the end of the week.

“So that students have access to things that meet their basic needs- housing, food,” Smith said.

LA Tech is also offering help to students from other universities who were also affected by Hurricane Laura.

“That’s students who are enrolled at McNeese who happen to be from North Louisiana,” Smith said. “To have spaces where they can engage in their online classes, so they’ll have wifi, they’ll have clean, comfortable spaces to sit in, so that they are able to complete their studies.”

University leaders said none of this would have been possible without the support of their sponsers.

“We know that our alumni will continue to support the friends, the family, and everyone within the university,” Patton said.

A hotline has been setup to answer any questions students may have following the storm.
Students can call 318-257-3211 from 8am-5pm.


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