NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Hurricane season has arrived and the U.S Department of Homeland Security gave senior residents some tips to prepare for any hurricane-related threats.

Older adults can lower their risk by preparing for hurricanes and other emergencies before they happen by following these tips:

  • Make a list of people who can help you.
  • Have your medical information available.
  • Make a list, kit, and cash available at home.

Elderly residents should create a chain of contacts to help them during an emergency. Ask family, friends, and neighbors. Do not leave it all to one person because if they are injured or incapacitated, you may be left stranded. FEMA advises that the list of helpers be kept in an emergency kit.

According to FEMA, the kit should have items you need to survive for a minimum of 72 hours. For a comprehensive list, visit

Anyone with a health condition can choose to wear a medical alert bracelet or pendant. Any of the medical alert jewelry that is available could help first responders treat you properly in case you are unable to give or tell them your medical history according to FEMA.

The list should include the name and contact information of your doctor and pharmacy, a list of your medications, and any medical devices you use, and the people on your contact list to know where the list will be in case you need it.

Having enough cash to last for 30 days is a general rule of thumb. Be sure you have at least some of your cash in small bills and some in coins in case you need it.

For more information on being ready, see Preparing Makes Sense for Older Americans – YouTube. Another resource for preparation is the FEMA Mitigation Outreach phone line at 833-336-2487.

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