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HOUMA, La. (WGNO) It’s been nearly a month and a half after Hurricane Ida slammed parts of Southeast Louisiana and hundreds of people are still struggling to recover.

The damage in some areas, like Houma, left many homeless.

“I feel misplaced, you know? Like I don’t have any of my personal belongings,” said Roxanne Leco.

Leco was forced out of her apartment at Bayou Towers in Houma after the storm. The destruction is so significant she can’t even go back inside to get her belongings.

But help has finally arrived.

Trailers for families in need are sitting outside of the Houma Civic Center, thanks to a partnership between the state of Louisiana and FEMA.

“FEMA has allowed the state to do a brand new program that FEMA’s never allowed before, which is to allow the state to take over a portion of the program so that it can be faster and not have to abide by the red tape of FEMA normally,” said State Representative Tanner Magee, who’s district includes Houma.

Rep. Magee says close to 700 trailers came in for the first order and more trailers are expected to arrive every week.

The hope of a temporary home is providing much-needed relief to those who have been scrambling since the storm.

“I can start new, being able to be home and get my life back on track,” said Houma native Kimberly Malbrough.

“At least I’ll have a place to live, you know? And it will be clean. You know, something that I can live in and be comfortable,” said Leco.

The trailers with FEMA’s traditional program are expected to roll out in mid-November. Representative Magee says that about 600 families should have a trailer by the end of next week.

If you’re interested in applying for a trailer, go to