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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Distribution sites are popping up all over the city and, that wouldn’t be possible without the help from our men and women in uniform.

Making a special appearance to see what’s happening and to see his troops in action, the General of the National Guard Bureau is touring our state today.

It’s all hands on deck for aftermath recovery. Troops from around the country are here in New Orleans at five different pods helping distribute the essentials.

These men and women working at the Dryades YMCA are from Kansas, where they don’t get hurricanes, so they said they are happy to be here to help where it’s greatly needed.

New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell went by the site on Tuesday morning to say thank you to the troops for their heroic work related to Hurricane Ida.

Coming to extend his personal thanks as well, was General Daniel Hokanson. He is the U.S. Army and Chief, for the National Guard Bureau.

General Hokanson spent four hours in Louisiana touring the damage and checking on his soldiers at work. While on the ground, General Hokanson also had the chance to speak with several other state and local leaders about the impacts our state is facing. One of those he stopped to speak with was former State Senator Karen Carter Peterson.

This is important to keep this lifeline open between him, Governor John Bel Edwards and Mayor Cantrell so that if there another disaster, the General will send troops in to help us again.

The Dryades YMCA is open from 8am until 6pm. They’re offering MREs, water and ice.