SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) — Just hear those sleigh bells jingling! as the city of Slidell kicked off its 34th annual Christmas Under the Stars festival in Griffith Park.

Lights were twinkling, children laughing and a choir filled the cold air with beautiful Christmas carols. Students with the Slidell High School choir say their favorite part about the festival is that they get to sing all day long.

“Singing with my family. I think there are relationships built amongst the choir,” said Slidell choir members.

Displays were set up in the park with care, just as the Claus’ made their way there. Santa and the Mrs. handed out candy to the good girls and boys, as the children sent out their letters demanding new toys.

A new cottage added to the fest gives a spooky twist on the cheerful holiday. Lori Anselmo created the attraction inspired by their favorite holiday movie ” The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

“Jack Skeleton is the King of Halloween but he gets bored with it and thinks he can do Christmas, so he can’t do it but they capture Santa Clause and figure out how to do it”, said Anselmo.

She said her favorite part is when she sits back and watch the children take it all in.

“My favorite part is when I sit back and the kids don’t know who I am and I see their reactions when they come up. There is noting better in the world,” said Anselmo.

Christmas Under the Stars runs until Dec. 10 and Mayor Cromer says this fest is just a great time to be together and enjoy each other.

“We in Slidell love the Christmas season. We are growing our Christmas decorations year after year as big and as good as it can be. One of the things we really love about Christmas is sharing it with others and having them come enjoying what we have and letting them see our way of life, how we love each other and share with each other and make our community as good as possible can be. So please come out and enjoy Christmas in Old Slidell,” Mayor Cromer.