WGNO Hispanic Heritage Special Episode 102

Hispanic Heritage Month

NEW ORLEANS — WGNO celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with a special report highlighting the influence of the Hispanic community on our lives in the New Orleans area and around the country.

In this episode, LBJ spends time with artist Fermin Ceballos, whose musical style blends his Dominican roots with local influences.

“My music, I call a fusion. Or, I can say a gumbo,” says Ceballos. “In the Dominican Republic, we call sancocho. It’s a mix. The music is a gumbo and the band, too. It makes sense.”

New Orleans is usually known for its French history. But, for almost four decades, the city and Louisiana were under Spanish rule. And, many of our lasting institutions were created during that time.

WGNO’s Christopher Leach explores our region’s Spanish history with Alfred Lemmon, the director of the Williams Research Center at the Historic New Orleans Collection.

“The city council is actually a creation of the Spanish government,” says Lemmon.

And, Christopher Leach talks to dancer Bianca San Martin, who noticed something missing from Mardi Gras.

“It was really noticeable that there was no Latin music being played,” says San Martin. “So, I made a promise to myself that the next Mardi Gras, I would make sure that there was some salsa and bachata music playing so that we can kind of get a little bit more of ourselves out there in that representation.”

San Martin started Ritmeaux Krewe, which promotes Hispanic heritage with dance classes and by marching in carnival parades.

WGNO’s Susan Roesgen highlights an English as a Second Language (ESL) student and teacher. And, our Nexstar partners around the country contribute stories from their communities.

You can see the entire Hispanic Heritage Special on WGNO.com. Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, WGNO will air stories showcasing our Hispanic community. And, you can share your photos in our Hispanic Heritage Art Gallery.


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