NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Galaxie Tacos brings authentic Mexican cuisine to the New Orleans food scene.

Hank Shackelford, Chef at Galaxie Tacos located in the Bywater said he loves the cooking process. “One of my favorite things to do is when I order corn I order about 500 pounds at a time.”

The process is called nixtamalization and it’s thousands of years old, it’s an ancient Aztec technique that still holds up to this day because it’s delicious.

“It breaks down the actual corn kernels and makes it edible and nutritious (and then what we do is) we let it sit overnight for at least 8-12 hours. Then we grind it through this Molino, which is a volcanic rock stone grinder.”

The result is fresh masa and tortillas made with corn imported from Oaxaca. “The difference is mind-blowing, it’s insane,” said Shackelford. The entire menu at Galaxie tacos is made with love and Chef Hank Shackelford’s love for Mexico.

“Mexico in general changed my life in a really big way a long time ago and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. With the culture, the cuisine, the people, everything really.”

It’s one Mexican tradition after another. All happening at what was once a gas station. Built-in the 1940s, the eclectic building is listed on the national register of historic places. The menu should be on a must-taste list for anyone who loves the flavors of Mexico.

Another star in the Galaxie is tacos al pastor which is pork prepared on a vertical rotisserie. It’s a Mexican specialty with a cooking style learned from Lebanese immigrants.

“About 20 years ago was the first time I went to Mexico and I was just blown away and I’ve been trying to in more ways than one recreate that first initial experience, that I had traveled there, and I guess this is a culmination of that.”

Dining at this quirky taqueria is a delicious way to treat your taste buds all while honoring the Hispanic heritage on the other side of the gulf.

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