The third GOP presidential debate is slated to take place in early November in Miami, an official with the Republican National Committee (RNC) confirmed Thursday. 

The news, which was first reported by CNN, puts to rest speculation that the third Republican primary debate would take place in Alabama. It also comes less than two weeks ahead of the second debate, which is Sept. 27 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif. It will be hosted by Fox Business.

It’s not yet clear what polling and donor thresholds the third debate will require for candidates.

The first GOP debate, which was hosted by Fox News, took place in August in Milwaukee. Eight candidates met the RNC’s polling criteria and donor threshold. 

Former President Trump snubbed Fox News and the RNC and skipped it, instead releasing an interview he did with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson as counterprogramming.

Trump is expected to skip the second debate, but had indicated that he could be open to one in Alabama.

He remains the front-runner in 2024 GOP primary polls — raising questions about whether any other Republican contender might be able to offer a serious threat to the former president heading into the Iowa caucuses next year.

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