Why a local doctor predicts Covid conditions won’t get better until July.

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A local doctor says because of the delay in the vaccine roll out, that is going to prolong the conditions.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) We are three weeks into the New Year and we are still dealing with what feels like a never-ending pandemic. With the vaccine out though, it’s giving us a dose of hope but, only a small dose since the roll-out is behind schedule

Don’t panic but, doctors are saying that we won’t see a drastic improvement for several months. Some are predicting that around July is when conditions will be better. That’s around the time when vaccines will be steadily available to the public. Until then, following the Covid guidelines are going to be the best way to stay healthy.

“It’s alarming, it’s extremely alarming,” said Dr. LaVeist, Tulane University’s Dean of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. “We are at the worst point in the pandemic that we have been.”

With case numbers continuing to rise and hospitalizations at the highest point that they’ve ever been, most of us are questioning when will conditions get better?
“Certainly, by the third quarter this year, we will be in a much better place but as of right now, this is the riskiest time to go out without a mask.”

“Dr. LaVeist, we know that the vaccine was created at warp speed and there’s so much unknown still about it. One of the questions we keep getting is, ‘Are we in the clear?'”

“I’m really glad you asked a question this is a really important question,” said Dr. LaVeist. Even after you get vaccinated, even if you are immune from that vaccination, you’re still going to have to wear a mask and maintain safe physical distances from other people for a period of time. In the end, we’re going to have to learn to live with Covid, the way that we can learn to live with influenza.”

“Don’t let your guard down now that there’s a vaccine,” that’s a warning from Dr. LaVeist. “The absolute opposite is what you should be thinking. It is riskier now to go out and be around people than it was at any point in the past so just because we have a vaccine that is coming most of us still have not had access to vaccines yet.”

The sooner we can get the vaccine, the sooner case numbers, hospitalized and deaths will decrease.
“Getting the vaccines into people’s arms is what’s going to have to happen for us to control this pandemic,” said Dr. LaVeist.

Unfortunately, at this time, the supply is running low.

Something else Dr. LaVeist told us, that most people don’t know, is that you won’t get to choose between which vaccine you get. Since supplies are low and demand is so great, whatever your doctor has, is what you will get.

The second most important message Dr. LaVeist told us is getting the vaccine does not mean you are getting the virus. The vaccine is actually telling your immune system how to make antibodies to fight against the virus if you get it.


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