Remarkable Women: Providing a home to the hopeless and homeless, at Hotel Hope

Good Morning New Orleans

Sister Julie Marsh is doing the Lord's work, trying to end homelessness in the City.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — This is not your typical hotel. “Welcome to Hotel Hope!” And, working there is not the usual hotel management. “I’m Sister Julie. I’m so glad you are here.”

No matter who you are, where you’re coming from, or what your life situation is, that’s how you will be greeted when you walk onto the property. Open arms and smiling faces.

Inside Hotel Hope, you’ll find a remarkable woman, doing the Lord’s work. Her name is Sister Julie Marsh.

“It’s more than just providing a roof over their head, as you can see this building is in great shape,” Sister Julie Marsh said and she showed us the hotel property.

Giving homeless women and children a safe place to call home is what Sister Julie says is her true calling. She’s worked there for several years and during that time, she’s helped hundreds of families get back on their feet.

“That’s what my goal is, is helping to guide them into self-sufficiency.”

Around the hotel property, Sister Julie’s coworkers say she’s remarkable in the way that she always goes the extra mile. Whether it’s getting toys for kids, comforting those who struggle, or helping to foster faith in the families who are feeling lost.

Most importantly though, she gives each family hope, for a better future.

“Julie is very humble and she’s hard-working. She doesn’t like a lot of glitz. If there’s any kind of cameras, she wants me to go up. Saying, ‘you go, you go, you go,” shared Sister Mary Lou Specha. “But, she’s in the background doing all the work.”

We asked Sister Julie what her mission is and she replied without hesitation, “To you know, work myself out of a job. You know, I’d love to say that there is no homelessness. I would like to say that when somebody is in trouble or has a housing crisis, their family members would be able to jump in and take care of them until they get back on their feet.”

Until homelessness is solved, you’ll find Sister Julie at Hotel Hope giving her all to those families in need.

“I learn something new every day,” shared Sister Julie. “Sometimes I go, ‘How did I get here. Then, the question is why do I stay and I stay because I feel this is where God wants me to be right now.'”

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