Pothole of the Day: ‘It’s been here ever since the 1800s’

Pothole of the Day
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NEW ORLEANS — This pothole was on display all weekend long for all of our French Quarter visitors to see.

It’s at Bourbon and St. Peter streets, and it’s our Pothole of the Day.

“That pothole has been here ever since the 1800s,” one Bourbon Street regular says. “It’s been filthy. Somebody’s gonna get sick over there because there are bacteria and germs. They dress it up with a piece of iron when they want to hide it from civilization. When people are passing, they’ll hide it. When someone comes to town, you’ll never know that’s right there. They make too much money here to disregard something like that. They’re worried about the tour’s protection. They’ll make sure they have cops, but they’re not worried about this. This is just as bad as that.”

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