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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Folks who live in the Kenilworth and Catina area of Lakeview were having to take it really slow in their vehicles thanks to a monster pothole we looked at a while back.

“We have a big issue with potholes here in the Lakeview area,” one neighbor said. “We had a lot of potholes, then the city came through, and fixed a portion of it, but as you can see, they left a huge area not touched. You have to be slow, and you have to know that it’s there– and that’s the issue. A lot of people coming through this area don’t know that that’s there. So they continuously hit the major bump and pothole, and it’s destroying a lot of cars. It’s a pipe dream to say that I’d like to see all the potholes fixed, but we do need the whole road fixed. We don’t need patches anymore. We need the whole… road… fixed.”

So, was it fixed?

Guess not.

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