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Chef Celeste’s Louisiana Treasures


501 North 5th St,

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

(inside of the Red Stick Farmer’s Market)



Sautéed Shrimp Salad

• 2 pounds easy peel shrimp
• 3 tomatoes wedged
• 1 bulb fennel sliced
• 1 cabbage shredded
• 1 bunch kale shredded
• 1 bag fresh peas, blanched
• 2 T Jeanpierre Cajun spice
• 1 T chef Celeste’s garlic Italian seasoning
• 1/4 c Militello’s Sicilian olive oil
• 2 c chef Celeste’s honey mustard
• 2t fish sauce
• 4 cloves garlic minced
• Salt and pepper to taste


  1.  Sautée shrimp in olive oil with garlic
  2. Turn and add chef Celeste’s honey mustard, peas, fish sauce and an
    additional 1/4c olive oil
  3. Pour over salad greens and enjoy!!

For more information about Chef Celeste or if you would like to buy her honey mustard or any of her spices, please visit her website.