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Freezy Street

"Rolled ice cream is becoming very popular  in the United States and for good reason.  It is the ultimate way to get THE FRESHEST ICE CREAM.  Using a cold plate that stays under - 20 degrees, Freezy Street pours their homemade base onto the plate to freeze right before your eyes.  The base freezes so quickly that it forms tiny ice crystals, resulting in a smooth and creamy texture, leaving no need to use stabalizers, preservatives, or any other yucky chemicals!  Just fresh natural dairy and sugar.  After our homemade ice cream base is poured onto the cold plate we flavor our ice cream by combining it with the ingredients you choose.  Fresh Strawberries, Bananas, Cookies, and Almonds are just a few examples of the flavors that we combine with ice cream!  No artificial flavoring here y'all!!  We only serve the real deal.  Now for the fun part!  Our customers love watching the process of us ROLLING their ice cream.  I mean, it is being made specially for you!  Each time you order.  We lay the ice cream mixture flat on our cold pan, let it freeze a bit more, and then scrape it up forming the cutest little ice cream rolls! With unlimited toppings and combinations of ice cream flavors to chose from...your ice cream is truly made special just for you, in just under 2 minutes!" -
  • Address
    • 2633 St. Claude Street
    • New Orleans, LA 70117
  • Phone
    • (504)228-4149
  • Hours
    • Sunday - Thursday
      • 11:00am - 9:00pm
    • Friday - Saturday
      • 11:00am - 10:00pm
  • Menu
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