Multiple Carjackings, Attempted Carjackings in Several Districts

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- Four attempted carjackings and two successful carjackings happened last night in New Orleans and all happening in different districts.

In four attempts, the NOPD thinks it was the same subjects. They used the same method and fit the same description. In the other carjackings, NOPD says they think it was different subjects for the other two carjackings.

Hitting the Third District first. In broad daylight, at 4:15 pm, they attempted to take a car from Clermont Drive.

Investigators from the Third District notified all districts to keep an eye out.
The perpetrators were driving a dark blue sport utility vehicle with two black males inside.

Staying in the Third District, the suspects tried again at 4:51 a.m. on Madrid Street, this time successful. Then, they’re believed to have committed two more attempted carjackings. One in the First District on Orleans Avenue and one in the Fifth District on Burgundy.

NOPD is still looking for the suspects. They were last seen in a blue Hyundai SUV.

The rest of the attempts are believed to be different perpetrators. These carjackings were Thursday morning around 4:00 a.m. One attempt in the Seventh District and then, a carjacking in the Second District, which was reclassified as an armed robbery.

Both involved a dark colored sedan.

The car used in the Seventh District attempted is described as a black Nissan Altima. The Third District carjacking involved a Honda HRV.

The districts are actively searching for these vehicles.
If you have info that will help, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 822- 1111.


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