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If you’re hosting a Super Bowl non-watching party or just boycotting altogether but still craving game-day snacks, here are three super simple ingredients to keep on hand to lean out of your favorite rich, creamy dips.

No surprise: Most dips are anything but healthy, a few generous scoops can easily squeeze in more salty calories than the main meal itself.

Best Dipping Bets: Vegetable-based dips that are centered on real vegetables make it easy to keep calories and sodium in check, plus they make it effortless to slip in an extra serving or so of veggies. Experiment with purees of roasted carrots, eggplant, red peppers or parsnips, chunky dips with diced cucumber, tomato or butternut squash, or add roasted and pureed cauliflower to a variety of dips to add volume and cut calories and carbs.


3 ADD-INS: Keep these on hand to slash carbs, calories, sodium from favorite dips:

GREEK YOGURT | Use 2% lowfat Greek yogurt (NOT fat free) to replace sour cream and mayo in favorite dips. Think spinach & artichoke dip, homemade ranch, crabmeat or shrimp dips, and even remoulade-style dips.

EGGPLANT | Use peeled and pureed eggplant to add thickness, creaminess and richness to any dip. Think hummus, artichoke dips, crawfish dips and more.

TOFU | Use silken tofu – pureed to smooth consistency – to add volume with less calories to dips.  Think guacamole, spinach and artichoke, even nacho cheese sauces.




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