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If you’re taking the 30-day Intermittent Fasting Challenge in June, here’s a rundown of what to drink to stay well-hydrated during the 18-hour fasting periods of the #NOLAFastFor30 Challenge.


For more details about the #NOLAFastFor30 Challenge, including potential benefits, starter toolkit, shopping guide and meal plan, check out the #NOLAFastF30 Facebook Group.



Fluids with zero carbs or protein

  • Water, Sparkling water (e.g. La Croix, Target’s Simply Balance Sparkling, Perrier)
  • Broth & Stock - chicken, beef or vegetable broth or stock
  • Tea - green tea, black tea, herbal tea
  • Coffee – black, or with coconut oil and/or butter




Fluids with protein, and still low/zero carbs

  • Unsweetened almond milk/coconut milk
    • Carbs & protein are very low; insignificant impact on insulin levels
  • Bone Broth
    • Bone broth is different from regular broth – it’s protein-rich and not part of a true “fast” – but if sipping bone broth throughout 18-hour fasting period helps with compliance, add it in.
    • Make your own or buy it ready-made in cartons or stick packs/K-Cups like from LonoLife
    • Get 20% off LonoLife! Enter NOLAFastFor30 at checkout for 20% off purchase.
  • ICONIC Protein Drink
    • Like bone broth, ICONIC is high in protein and technically not part of a “fast” – but if drinking it through your 18-hour fasting period helps with compliance, then add it in.
  • Nuun
    • Add tablet to water bottle when need electrolyte boost
    • Electrolyte-rich; negligible amount of carbs/calories



Drinks with carbs, sugars, and/or artificial sweeteners – even artificial sweeteners may trigger insulin production during the fasting window.

  • Juices of any type, especially fruit juices
  • Most smoothies
  • Milk – cow’s milk, soy milk
  • Diet soft drinks, Sugary soft drinks
  • Crystal Light-type of sugar-free drinks



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