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The past few weeks have likely been spent surrounded by well-intentioned family and friends, but amped up family time can also mean difficult conversations and criticism, which can lead to self doubt.  As we head into the New Year, here are a few tips to shake off any judgement and give ourselves the compassion and encouragement that we deserve.


Criticism + Judgement from ourselves, and from others. We can be our own harshest critic. The side glance or a pointed remark to friends or family as they indulge in their food vice of choice.  The negative self-talk, the comments under our breath.


What we can do to stop the cycle?

For starters, try to remove the word Should from our vocabulary. When we use the word should, we’re only adding more pressure, more guilt:  I (or you) should go to the gym more, should cook at home more, should be keeping a food log.

Focus on the positive, on all of the incredible things that are you are doing. Give yourself the credit and recognition you deserve, just like you would if a friend shared these very same accomplishments.

And instead of saying that we *should* do something, start to shift our words and our perspective to say that we would like to do xyz. Or that we plan to do this.  If it’s toward someone else, offer a suggestion that is just a suggestion, and nothing more. And recognizing that it’s okay if it doesn’t all happen immediately – or at all.


2020 Resolution Suggestion: Instead of being quick to judge others and ourselves, let’s take a softer, kinder approach. Be aware of the energy that we’re putting out into the world. Focus on spreading a positive message, sharing advice or guidance in a way that’s not so divisive.


Be responsible with our words. Let our passions serve to inspire and strengthen others, encouraging one another to be our best version of ourselves, to live our strongest, healthiest lives possible.



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