Love it, Like it, Hate it: Cream Cheese

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We’re Getting the Skinny on Cream Cheese! Incredibly versatile, cream cheese is typically high in saturated fat, and not exactly a “health” food.  In today’s Get the Skinny, we’ve got the rundown of the best and worst of popular cream cheese options on shelves.





Kite Hill (almond based) & Tofutti (soy based)

  • Both are plant-based cream cheese alternatives
  • Approximately 30% fewer calories than traditional cream cheese with zero animal based saturated fat




  • Whipped, 1/3 Less Fat, Neufchatel cheese and Jalepeno Cream Cheese
  • Lower-calorie than traditional cream cheese; no wacky ingredients




  • Fat free cream cheese – added ingredients that we would never have in our own kitchens
  • Flavored, sweetened cream cheese – significant added sugar
  • Cream cheese ‘snack packs’ are loaded with white carbs.
  • Cream cheese “cheesecake” – loaded with sugary carbs





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