Love it, like it, hate it: Fast food salads

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If healthy eating and weight loss are on your agenda this New Years, you’ll likely be trying to incorporate more salads into your diet. And let’s be honest: Fast food drive-thrus can make things oh-so-easy when we’re on the go, so in today’s Love it, Like it, Hate it, Molly has the best and worst drive-thru salads so you’ll know what’s really a diet-friendly meal, and what’s a calorie-packed splurge!

Note: all are high in sodium due to sodium in meats and cheese as well as salad dressing



Chick-Fil-A’s Grilled Market Salad

  • Grilled chicken over mixed greens, topped with blue cheese, apples, strawberries, and blueberries
  • Apple Cider Vinaigrette high in sugary calories; opt for Light Italian dressing instead for the following stats:
  • 225 calorie s- 2 grams sat fat – 1040 mg sodium – 20 grams carbs – 23 grams protein


McDonald’s Bacon Ranch Salad with Grilled Chicken with Newman’s Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • 270 calories – 4.5 grams sat fat – 1120 mg sodium – 26 grams carbs – 30 grams protein



Taco Bell’s Cantina Power Bowl with chicken or steak

  • 490 calories – 6 grams sat fat – 1270 mg sodium – 49 grams carbs (served with rice) – 29 grams protein
  • Can cut carbs and calories by requesting without rice, or without rice & beans


Wendy’s Asian Cashew Chicken Salad with spicy roasted cashews and light Asian Chili Vinaigrette

  • 380 calories – 2 grams sat fat – 960 mg sodium – 33 grams carbs – 18 grams sugar – 36 grams protein
  • 12 grams of added sugar from the salad dressing along



Taco Bell Chicken Taco Salad (also a “Hate it” with beef or steak)

  • 740 calories – 7 grams sat fat – 1500 mg sodium – 72 grams carbs – 8 grams fiber – 34 grams protein
  • A full day’s worth of sodium, with the carb equivalent of nearly 5 slices of bread


Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Caesar

  • 780 calories – 16 grams sat fat – 1650 mg sodium – 41 grams carbs – 7 grams fiber – 40 grams protein
  • 3/4 day’s worth of saturated fat, and a full day’s worth of sodium!

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