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Let’s be honest, hot dogs aren’t exactly what we reach for when we’re being mindful of nutrition – most are loaded with sodium, some with added nitrates, nitrites or MSG, and still others contain artificial food dye Red 40.

It’s slim pickings on shelves, but if you’re craving this summertime favorite, there are just a handful of better-for-you options, featured in today’s Get FUELED with Molly.


Organic Uncured Chicken Hot Dog by Applegate Organics

  • Organic, nonGMO. Animal Welfare Certified.
  • No added nitrates or nitrites; no nitrates in the form of celery juice or powder
  • 80 calories – 1.5 grams sat fat – 410 mg sodium – 0 carbs – 0 sugar – 6 grams protein
  • Ingredients include organic chicken, less than 2% sea salt, paprika, onions, spices, nutmeg oil

All-Natural Uncured Beef Franks by Wellshire

  • Animal Welfare Certified.
  • 140 calories – 5 grams sat fat – 390 mg sodium – 1 gram carb – 1 gram sugar – 7 grams protein
  • Ingredients include beef, less than 2% of sea salt, cane sugar, spices, organic vinegar, cherry powder, paprika, cultured celery powder

Natural Selects Uncured Turkey Franks by Oscar Mayer

  • 110 calories – 2.5 grams sat fat – 560 mg sodium – 2 grams carb – 2 grams sugar – 7 grams protein
  • Ingredients include turkey, cultured dextrose, dextrose, less than 2% of tapioca starch, white vinegar, cultured celery juice, cherry powder, dried garlic


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