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Vintage ads elicit a sense of nostalgia and often humor, especially when it comes to yesteryear’s outdated messaging of wellness and nutrition. Some are harmlessly laughable while others steered us into destructive behaviors, all under the guise that these products were actually good for us.

Here’s a look at 6 of our favorite vintage ads, from babies sipping 7-Up in their bottles to cardiologists smoking cigarettes.

And while we’d like to think that misleading ad campaigns are a thing of the past, the reality is that misinformation (either well-intentioned or in blatant disregard of facts and science) is just as rampant today. It may look different –sleeker, sexier, more tech- savvy – but modern-day variations of these companies and individuals are still out there, peddling products, ideas and services that are a waste of money at best, harmful to our health at worst.

Enjoy this little retro step back in time. We hope you have a few laughs with us, and also that it may serve as a reminder as we head into the new year to keep our guard up, filtering the array of wellness-focused marketing campaigns with a cautious eye.  


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