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There’s debate among health professionals about whether or not we really need to take a multivitamin. In this week’s episode of FUELED, registered dietitian Molly Kimball gives us the rundown on who can benefit, how to get the most out of your multi, and my go-to brands that are third-party verified.  

Nutritional ‘Insurance’:  I typically recommend taking a multivitamin, even for those who feel that they have a nutritious, well-balanced diet. We often reach for the same types of foods, and consequently we end up getting many of the same nutrients over and over again.

How a Multi ‘Works’:  The full spectrum of minerals and vitamins serve in part to support our body’s everyday processes, including our focus, mood, energy and metabolism.

Tips on Timing: 

  • If taking a multi in the morning leaves you feeling queasy, it’s probably because you don’t have enough food on your stomach – try taking it with lunch, instead. 
  • Avoid taking a multi at night – in some cases, it can make it harder to fall asleep.  

My top two brand recommendations:

I use as a reference when I recommend specific brands – they’re an independent lab that test products for purity and truth in labeling, among other tests.

As always, keep in mind that supplements are just that: supplements — not substitutes — to an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

For more on multivitamins, check out Molly’s recent article and her FUELED Wellness + Nutrition podcast.


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