COOLinary ENCORE: Acorn Cafe

Eat Local

NEW ORLEANS – Nestled inside the beautiful City Park right next door to the Children’s Museum, you’ll find Acorn Cafe.

Acorn Chef Dale Campsen says the cafe has had a lot of great reviews from the COOLinary menu, and we can see why!

Start your meal off with a butternut squash bisque, topped with a nice crème fraîche, as well as some apple.

Next up, barbecue apple cider pulled pork, stuffed with cheddar cheese. The pork is baked in Acorns pizza oven, making it extra crispy.

Add an arugula salad and a vanilla ice cream cookie and brownie parfait, and you’ve got an amazing deal.

So if you find yourself near City Park, stop in for the $22 COOLinary lunch deal.


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