Snapchat’s trend forecast for 2019

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NEW ORLEANS -- We've been bringing you 2019 trend forecasts this week... everything that needs to be on your radar in the new year!

Now Snapchat is getting in on the action. Snapchat has put together their trend predictions across multiple industries, based on what their Gen-Z users have been into over the last few months. Here are some highlights...

In the gaming world, Snapchat sees Minecraft continuing to dominate. They also said that Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Red Dead Redemption 2 aren't going anywhere.

Let's talk tech. Although a tough year for Apple, Snapchat believes that their smartphones will see increased success in the new year among the Gen-Z generation. Surprisingly, they also predict that with a new model of AirPods, their earbuds will have a successful 2019.

Can I go on record as saying, NOPE?!

In social media behavior, Snap says memes aren't going anywhere! Even if Gen-Z'ers tend to find them "silly" or "stupid." The quick-pic app says that they will see increased usage when it comes to calling out a person's mistake... à la the, "YOU HAD ONE JOB" meme; or to describe an event that effects them... like being shook.

Here is some slang that Snapchat sees on the horizon... forget birthdays! We're calling it "BORN DAY" now! YKTV? It means, “You know the vibes.” Translation: Acknowledgment of a mutual feeling between two people. Finally, the ironic, "On a date, kinda nervous." It's what you respond when someone asks what you're doing and you're all alone.

Kids these days.

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