Owner found! Thumb drive found in seal poop 💩

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NEW ORLEANS — Wildlife researchers in New Zealand were surprised by one seal’s diet while studying it’s feces.

A fully functioning thumb drive containing pictures and video of someone kayaking turned up in a stool sample collected more than a year ago! The sample was frozen for later study and when it was recently thawed, the USB stick was discovered.

The researchers at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research decided to attempt to find the owner of the USB so they posted a blog with a sample image of what was on the thumb drive. In a matter of hours, they discovered that the drive belongs to New Zealander Amanda Nally.

Nally spoke to local outlet the Project about being the viral story saying, “I feel bad here because I feel like I’m ruining a really good story. The truth is I am quite seal-focused and I found the leopard seal out at Oreti Beach, and I’m guessing I dropped the USB stick in the seal poo on the beach.”

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