Minka Kelly talks ‘Titans’ on Good Morning New Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS — Minka Kelly is currently promoting her new streaming series, Titans, in partnership with cold and flu medicine Mucinex. Kelly, who previously shot The Butler in New Orleans was happy to talk to us about her latest project and her love for NOLA…

“I love New Orleans, it’s such a special place. I miss the people, I miss the music, I miss the humility, I miss the culture. I love New Orleans so much!” she told Kinsey Schofield on Good Morning New Orleans.

Titans is premiering this Friday on DC Universe, a streaming service that Kelly told us, offers them freedom that regular television would not allow.

“It’s a super hero show but because we’re on a streaming service, we can dig a little deeper and be a little bit more grown up for the drama, while also keeping the balance of the super hero aspect of it, which is fun. I play a character called Dove, who is warm and nurturing,” says Kelly. “She’s very strong and bad ass and can take out a few people if need be!”

She also told us that when she’s feeling under the weather, Mucinex is her quick fix… watch Minka on Titans, premiering this Friday on DC Universe.

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