Man removes ankle monitor on Facebook video, is immediately arrested

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SPRINGFIELD, MO — A 33-year-old Missouri man was arrested after posting an instructional Facebook video about how to remove an ankle monitor.

HIS ankle monitor. Apparently all it takes is a butter knife and a screwdriver!

In the video, you see the man with his pant leg rolled up, sticking the butter knife in and out of the ankle monitor, before he unscrews part of it.

“This is how you take an ankle bracelet off, without breaking the circuit.” says what appears to be Dustin W. Burns, in the video.

Earlier this year, court records show that Burns pleaded guilty to violating a restraining order and he was placed on probation… hence the ankle monitor.

After police were made aware of the Facebook video, Burns was charged with tampering with electronic monitoring equipment, which is a felony.

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