Kellan Lutz talks to Good Morning New Orleans about ‘What Men Want’

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NEW ORLEANS — Whether you recognize him as Hercules or from a little franchise called Twilight… Kellan Lutz typically pursues some “heavy weight” roles that require a lot of time in the gym! In next month’s ‘What Men Want,’ Kellan plays the lusted after neighbor of Taraji P. Henson.  So we asked Kellan, “What do men want?”

“I just want to live a long, happy life with awesome relationships with friends and family but in that movie… it’s a comedy… so you get to hear a lot of men’s thoughts in there. I have fun ones in there as well. Check it out. It comes out in February.” He told GMNO’s Kinsey Schofield.

When your job requires you to… well… look like Hercules, there are some hurdles. So, we wanted to know more about Kellan’s health routine and how he keeps fit for his films…

“I found my life saver, to my lifestyle, is Lifesum, I’ve been using it for about a year now. It’s so educational, it’s so easy, I’ve always wanted to find something to help me calorie count. And now with all of the apps out there, I found Lifesum, super user friendly, pretty playful and fun, and easy. I just encourage people to download the app, join me, it’s free. Do the health test. Just educate yourself. Take five minutes. Do it. You’ll learn so much in those five minutes. And you’ll get hooked.”

What Men Want hits theaters February the 8th.

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