Coastal Louisiana getting flooding before Delta’s arrival.

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Terrebonne Parish, La. (WGNO)- It’s been a long hurricane season for residents in Terrebonne Parish.

While they aren’t in the direct path this time, they’re still going to get remnants of Delta.

One are in particular is already seeing some ahead of the storm, and that in Cocodrie.

So far it’s warm and windy but, it’s dry.

Floodgates are closed, houses are boarded up and water on the streets.

“Yeah, after four times, we are getting pretty good at it,” said Mitchell Marie, a long-time resident of Chauvin.

Getting ready for strong winds to whip in, Chauvin residents are boarding up.

“Prepare for the worst and hope for the best,” shared Marie.

The key to preparing in Terrebonne Parish is, closing those floodgates. After years of major flooding and damage, a levee system was built. Since then, it has kept that side of the parish fairly dry when hurricanes roll in.

Friday morning started out calm and breezy but, officials say they know it won’t stay like that.

Guarding the floodgates, sheriff’s deputies are monitoring the roadways for flooding during the storm and keeping people from being out sightseeing.

“As far as concerns, we can see it’s not really that bad this time but, who knows it always changes. So we just stay prepared,” shared Ryan Charles, a resident.

For Ryan Charles, he spent Thursday preparing. Now, he’s out fishing, waiting for the storm to roll in.

“Yeah, I’ll do some fishing and get some exercise in and just last low and how for the best and pray for those guys over in lake Charles and Baton Rouge and all those other areas,” said Charles.

It wasn’t until daybreak could flooding be seen on the south side of the Morganza and the Bayou Petit Floodgate but, there wasn’t a lot of it Cocodrie. Before long though, forecasters say Terrebonne Parish will get somewhere between 4-7 feet of surge.

When it’s safe for residents to return home, the 16 floodgates will open. For now, they’ll remain locked and closed.

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