(Video) Community: God Bless Louisiana Campaign

God Bless Louisiana

(Video) Community: God Bless Louisiana Campaign

WGNO-TV’s “God Bless Louisiana” is a series of tv promos, an open book written for the passionate people of Louisiana.  Its purpose was to share stories of resiliency and life in the community after the catastrophic 2010 Gulf Oil Spill. Embodying the people and culture that is uniquely Louisiana, it’s a reminder that something like an oil spill or a hurricane won’t hold Louisianans back.

Voiced by iconic Louisiana native Ronnie Virgets with his distinguishable local tone and produced 100% in house by the WGNO-TV Creative Services Team, it captures the sleepiness, sweat and color of unmistakable Louisiana. The campaign has received local as well as national recognition and continues to inspire us every day. Questions? Please contact Jeff Funk at (504) 569-0909.


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