ETHEL, LA. (BRPROUD)– Barn Hill Preserve located in Ethel, Louisiana has something to offer kids and adults who are looking to have some fun with their furry friends.

Barn Hill Preserve began its operations in 2012 and officially opened to the public in 2015. The preserve features over 200 animals on the property. The workers say that it’s a priority to offer new and special events.

Animal care provider, Valerie Nunez, says, “We have a lot of really awesome, hands-on experiences.” Nunez says that you can interact with multiple species that are part of conservation projects. According to Nunez, “Everybody definitely has their own temperaments, they can be very picky and choosy on how they want to behave on specific days.”

The preserve offers experiences like; swimming with the otters, kangaroo, and goat yoga, plus an adult-only Sips with Sloths event.

The preserve’s sister company, Magnolia Ridge Adventure Park, offers the longest zip line in Louisiana. The zip line is said to be 850 feet of wire, including a wooden bridge to connect the zip lines.

With summer officially around the corner, the preserves offer birthday party events and educational tours. To learn more about pricing for the education tour, click here

Barn Hill Preserve is supporting a non-profit organization called, “Kids Saving The Rainforest,” also known as KSTR. The organization helps to protect and preserve the rainforest in Costa Rica. The two organizations partnered up to offer various resources, including rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing animals back into the wild.

The preserve will be hosting a ball in June, in hopes of raising funds for KSTR.

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