Thousands join the Rays of Love March to protest in New Orleans on Saturday afternoon


NEW ORLEANS – A four hour protest dominated the Crescent City streets as people in New Orleans marched in honor of George Floyd and the fight against police brutality. 

“We have the same mindset. We have the same power to fight for something we believe in,” protester, Melanie Medina shared. 

Thousands of people of all races and all ages rallied together at City Park on Saturday afternoon. 

“I’m tired of our people getting killed,” Medina said while marching. “I’m tired of racial injustice. I’m tired of systemic oppression. It’s a time that our community expresses their discomfort and that the people in power hear us so they can give us our change.”

Change that protesters say, has been long overdue. 

Medina told WGNO that college students organized this protest calling it the Rays of Love March. We’re also told, the event was something Take ‘Em Down NOLA helped construct.

Being a young black man, I’m at risk of anything right now. Especially by the police. So, being able to be here right now, peacefully, is a great thing,” another protester, Judah Duroncelay said. 

The sea of protesters made pitstop at a few locations. The leaders of the Rays of Love March delivered a powerful message at each destination. 

One destination was where the General Beauregard Equestrian Statue used to stand. Another was Armstrong Park. The final stop – the Hard Rock Hotel site. 

Protesters say, the crumbled building is a representation of what the world will look like if minorities don’t continue to stand up for themselves.

WGNO was also told that the destination was to honor Modesto Reyes, who survived the Hard Rock Hotel collapse last October. Reyes was killed last Wednesday after an altercation with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. 

Overall, Medina says the message of this march was for the community to unite as one.  

“I hope that we do get justice. Not only for the Black community, for the Spanish community as well. Together we can get through this and we will get through this,” protester, Victoria Caraballo said. 

The leaders of the Rays of Love March told WGNO, they don’t have any new protests scheduled at this time. 


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