Thanksgiving plans impacted for many residents due to COVID-19


NEW ORLEANS – Thanksgiving is normally a time when family and friends gather together–enjoying food, company, and creating priceless memories. But this time around, many are celebrating the holidays differently.

“Generally, what we do is, we cook a minimum of 12 to 15 side different dishes,” said New Orleans resident, Philipe Lamancusa.

Which is split between multiple family members who travel to Lamancusa’s for the feast. With several states still having positive COVID-19 case numbers over 15%, many say they’ll only prepare dinner for their household, leaving the main course missing.

“You can’t have a turkey for two,” Lamancus told WGNO. “There’s no such thing as a turkey for two unless you get a pigeon and those, we don’t wanna eat anyway.”

Despite the obstacles 2020 has presented, some residents say this Thanksgiving, they’re thankful for unity.

“We as a community come together and take care of each other just like we’ve been doing so far,” another New Orleans resident, Erica Chomsky-Adelson shared. 

And for now, sometimes coming together means staying apart.

“Because we don’t want to kill anybody and we don’t know! Everybody feels safe around their friends but we don’t know who our friends have been around and our friends don’t know who we’ve been around and we want everybody to be here for next Thanksgiving,” said Lamancusa. 



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